Hi BrainHurts, thanks again for the radio clip. After listening to it, I still have the same question: why adopt the Renter's agreement?

In the radio clip, I heard Dr. Harley say two things about renters that seem bad:
  • Renters negotiate selfishly and not thoughtfully.
  • Arguing is the basic approach to problem solving for renters. (Arguing is a form of disrespect.)
So far, everything I know about the Renter's agreement seems bad. What's good about it?

Dr. Harley and Joyce reiterate that sacrifice is not sustainable. That makes me wonder.... could sacrifice be beneficial in the short-term? If so, maybe that's the reason the Renter's agreement is essential. And if that is the reason, then why is sacrifice beneficial in the short-term?

Another thing Dr. Harley said that I found interesting is that Buyers, Renters, and Freeloaders are the three mindsets of people who are dating. Before hearing that, I was under the impression that dating relationships involved Renters and Freeloaders and only married people could be Buyers.