Thanks, ya'll. I knew it was weird from the get-go. I still feel like if it were me, and I asked a favor from a neighbor's husband, and found that it had caused an issue for their wife, I would run, RUN over there apologizing. I worked on the HOA for a few years, and one of the men came over to install a program I would need on our computer, but I don't know how his wife felt about that; I did tell him to come at a time my husband would be home. Another time, my car broke down and I went next door to ask if they could give me a ride to the rental place because I needed to borrow a car for a few days. The husband took me, but the wife was there and gave blessing, we've known each other almost 13 years.

So I get helping out your neighbors.

I don't get asking a strange man to watch your daughter. I don't get not asking another mother instead.

If I find out that she continues talking to my H (which she wasn't, not after the initial asking him to watch her, she just dropped the kid and left!) I will definitely bring the guns and swingy stuff and wreak havoc on her world.

She is single. I do know that.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)