That's one way to look at it, lookin. I'm not in a bathrobe, btw, just not dressed to the shoes. PJ pants and a tank top, typically. She sits in her own car when I'm up there, so obviously she doesn't have a problem with that.

At the beginning of the school year when she approached my husband, there was another couple who walked to the stop; they lived right across the street. Usually the mom would be there, but sometimes the dad and sometimes the whole family came. On this day, it was the dad. My H was talking to the dad when this woman approached them both, and then asked my husband specifically. Why didn't she ask one of the moms? Why didn't she ask the other man? Why, out of all the people who come up there, did she ask my husband specifically?

That's what I'm annoyed at. There are were, at that time, 5 other parents who came up there. Why him?

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