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If this woman had approached me, even after speaking to my husband first, I probably wouldn't be as bothered. Right now I think she's just a predator.

CWMI. I read your post about your bus stop problem and it has been bothering me all day because it is very much how my neighbor get her claws into my own DH. She used her kids as her dating agency...it was always about the kids in some way.

Personally, I think you should approach this woman and get her cell. work, and home phone number. Engage her and find out as much personal information as you can. Then keep your eyes open for any sign of her trying to contact your DH.

I tried to keep my own DH and skank neighbor apart but she was too sneaky and underhanded for me. She always had an "innocent" reason to approach him for help (behind my back.)

Keep your eyes open.

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