I take this protecting my marriage stuff seriously. laugh

I told her to stay the hell away from my husband or we'd end up with a problem. She apologized for creating an issue, and I said, "Why did I have to confront you to get an apology? I've been waiting for you to do the decent thing and say something to me."

She said that she didn't know if I had to rush off or anything in the mornings, and besides, that day that I'd walked up there, I didn't seem very friendly. lol. Ya think? I told her I'd walked up there JUST BECAUSE she'd made that request of my husband, and had been WAITING for her to say anything to me about it, but nope! She said jack crap to me! I told her if she wanted something from someone's husband, better ask the wife, and if you feel you can't because she seems 'unfriendly' then it is absurdly stupid to go behind her back to ask her husband anyway. Just plain dumb. Just beggin for trouble.

I was furious. I don't play very nice when I'm furious.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)