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Does it mean all instances of opposite sex friends lead to cheating? I know if I still talked to a couple of Female friends I used to have, it would never get close to affair material.

All instances of OSF do not lead to affairs, but almost all affairs began that way. And it is usually people like you that have them. You have a belief that you are immune which makes you even more vulnerable. 50-60% of marriages experience affairs and most of them are not out looking for it. It just sort of happens like a frog in boiling water.

And what I mean by push her into cheating, is did I close all avenues for us to communicate and support each others needs so much that she had no other choice but to seek happiness elsewhere?

Of course she had choices. She made that "choice" when she married you, didn't she? Even if you met her needs PERFECTLY, she would still be vulnerable to an affair because of her poor boundaries around men. And you can't meet her needs if you don't live together anyway.

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