I totally get this and would in fact call if I had any solid clues or info on which guy in particular. Mind you she only told me about two "friends". Who knows if the perpetrator is a friend of those guys, and she never let me in on him at all. Just going to have to wait to see if she admits anything or if I find evidence online.

As of now she didn't heed the conditions of our communication break, she texted me last night herself. Said she loved me and then this morning a good morning and a "I'll talk to you later have a nice day". She's having her cake and eating it too. She's taken down every picture of us on social media sites and changed her informations to just list her age, that she's in the military, and overseas. Nothing about me. Her pictures are now very pretty and happy looking, all dressed up, "to attract a mate" kind of pictures.. And any page she follows or likes now is all about "focus on what makes you happy and have no regrets or fears" kind of "inspiration". And about not trusting people or expecting anything from them. To the public it seems she's moved on and perhaps has fallen for someone, the average eye may guess. But to me personally, treats me how she does. I don't know which way this is going to go.