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Hopefully this will be my last post. Because everything looks clear. We had a long talk about her "guy friends" and she understands how the time alone can be bad, she said she wants him to find a girlfriend so he can leave her alone more but until then I guess he will be texting her when he needs a tv and food buddy. All I know is that stuff is gonna stop when I get there. And she openly said yes when you're here I will never be going to hang out with them alone.

Thx for the help

I'll bet there is more to this saga. I hope your right though. There's alot of guys in the Air Force, if OM needs a "buddy" for football, he could find a male, or single female. He's calling on your wife because she is meeting his emotional needs. In return, he's meeting hers. It won't stop until you get there to stop it.

Please post again. It's always nice to hear about the success stories. And, right now your story isn't quite yet a success.

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