SRW, why don't you simply go over there and deal with it?

You aren't willing to dump her for her (very obvious) adultery, so that leaves going over there and dealing with it.

Go over there, be your own PI for a few days while not revealing to WW where you are.

Then: "Surprise! I came here to surprise you, baby!" Preferably in front of all her skanky OM. Grab her and give her a big smooch. Ignore any negative reaction.

Then you can give her pre installed spyware phone (AND buy a SIM while in the UK) and also plant lots of other spyware while there.

You could even give her a tablet (so we can Skype, honey). There are security programs which let you access the web cam in case it is stolen. So you could see it at any time.

If you are waiting for her permission to come over there and bust up her party, it's never going to happen.

You're going have to stroll in and do it, calmly and confidently.

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Has her adultery been exposed to the inspector General?

no, it hasn't. Only because I have no proof. Just the fact she parties and goes out to eat with these guys.

So the funny thing is she totally came around the past few days. Has been sexually interested and open with me. Affection at 100%. I got an Air Force shop date for January,

She's actually open to the idea of me moving in with her before I go. But we are weighing the benefits and risks bc it could take til December to get my passport anyway, and what good is moving to England for one month and coming back to Texas.

So as of now we are both very excited I got my ship date and it's fairly soon (in terms of military marriage, we go through a lot in terms of waiting ). She's expressing her excitement and love for me and how wonderful our future will be. I don't know what happened. A miracle. I changed myself so much though. And it could've taken her this past month to see she doesn't need to look elsewhere, I'm the one she can depend on.

Hopefully this will be my last post. Because everything looks clear. We had a long talk about her "guy friends" and she understands how the time alone can be bad, she said she wants him to find a girlfriend so he can leave her alone more but until then I guess he will be texting her when he needs a tv and food buddy. All I know is that stuff is gonna stop when I get there. And she openly said yes when you're here I will never be going to hang out with them alone.

Thx for the help

You still need to find out what happened and what is happening. Hidden affairs will poison a marriage. You'll always wonder and she will never recover if its hidden.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

"Fear is the little death. Fear is the mind-killer" Frank Herbert.