Hello friends! I thought I would pop in and post an update now that Kiss and I are settled in our new home.

The first week we were down here we stayed with Kiss' parents, who I get along very well with. I have forgiven them for not "getting involved" during Kiss' affair but my disappointment with them still lingers and so It was a little stressful. We were able to find a really nice house to rent and have been here almost 2 weeks now.

It has been difficult for me being home and not working. A little lonely and I find myself pretty bored. But, I'm sure I will adjust in time as I find things to do. It has definitely been nice having Kiss home at night and on the weekends for a change. We haven't had time to ourselves much, though, and I'm sure that would help me. As we learn the area and what our budget will be, we will be able to plan accordingly.

There have been a couple of hiccups along the way between us. One, is the skank mobile, which if you recall, his sister drives. So I have been...subjected to it quite a bit. I try to just ignore it but the other day she offered to take me to the local target. Kiss made an excuse (a valid reason, but not THE reason) why I would follow her in my own car. It made me wonder if she was in the dark about the situation with the skank mobile or just dense, lol. I did not bring it up as I still feel like the "crazy" wife around his sisters.

Anyway, the other hiccup was that Kiss had a social function during the work day that involved employees of the OS. I told him that I was uncomfortable with it and NOT enthusiastic about it. He didn't even attempt to POJA it or anything, he just went. I felt very upset and withdrawn from him because of it.

We did finally decide about paying my Mom back the money she had given me for the attorney and the rent and groceries, etc from back in 2012 so I am relieved to finally be able to repay her.

So, that is where I am at right now. Not great, but not terrible. I just need to find my footing and purpose in this strange but beautiful new place and focus and making it a happy place for me.

I hope you are all doing well. I am sad to see Recovery Land so quiet and hope that others will post updates as well. Sometimes, all we have is each other smile

Take care

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