So I kicked ex out in Jan 2013. Divorce finalized Jan 2014. Started dating in March. I'd say dating drama began the minute I started leaving my house. I stayed home a lot from Jan- Sep for lots of reasons- too many to list now, and it was awful. Once I started joining group activities, the date requests started rolling in, and I was turning guys down. Until March when I met someone I was attracted to and felt ready. (IT guy). Dating IS drama. It's trying to decide if the guy fits the criteria, and then deciding to let them go. It IS an emotional roller coaster by nature. Excitement, nerves, dissappointment, hurt. It's all part of the cycle. I see no way to avoid it. I in no way still feel hung up on my divorce. I've healed, forgiven, moved on. I no longer wish to be with him in any way. I feel like I am fully ready to date.

Regarding time alone- as a strong extrovert I don't know if I'll ever savor time alone. I certainly had plenty of it from Jan- Sep last year and it was really awful for me. It's not to say I don't have hobbies to entertain myself. I do. I just always prefer the company of someone.

BS-me 35
DS- 3.5 yrs old
DD 2 yrs old
Married for eleven years, together for fifteen
DDay August 2012 Found inappropriate text message
12/7/12 knew for sure he was sexting with men
12/9/12 Partial exposure, and truth about PA's revealed by WH
12/19/12 Full exposure
1/9/13 Plan B
Jan 2013 filed for divorce
1/27/2014 Divorce finalized