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As far as how dating takes it toll- I am really bad at being single. I absolutely hate alone time. I have plenty of hobbies, and friends, but I just have always felt it is more fun to experience life with a partner. I am very extroverted. Yes I'm lonely, Yes I need male companionship! Yes I need to feel admired! I need to be touched! Ugh. Needy. This is what I mean about feeling like I'm on empty all the time.

NED: I definitely struggle with an overactive giver. However, I do feel that every person I've dated has been really terrific. They aren't angry with me- they are sad because they want to still be with me. And I feel bad for hurting them- even though I logically know I must make the choice that is best for me, and that they'll get over it.

It sounds to me you are not ready for a relationship. You have not given yourself enough time to process and recover from your divorce. If you need a relationship so you do not feel empty you are heading down a rough road. You will be constantly disappointed in your partner as they will be unable to fill the void. You are ready for a relationship when you don't need a relationship. Good Luck

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