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Tom, being brand new too I hear you 100%. I've lurked for a while and my general feeling is that to people reaching out for full disclosure just want the full disclosure to get the "real" and "big" picture in order to provide what they feel is the best and most accurate feedback and guidance. It's like that with any forum really.

This is a such a damned hard thing to nail down, these problems and solutions. There's a lot of point of views and definitely followers of those point of views and one size does not fit all. One can only hope they've done enough research to know they feel they've picked the right path for help and success.
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I've got one problem (that may be a problem) that I'm going to eventually post regarding an issue that we're having, and have to figure out where to post it.

You will need to describe the issue if you ever expect help with it.


Thanks for letting me know this, but that's what I assumed.

I am not ready to post my problem yet, need to learn more about this site and read more of the responses to get a feel for the level of help here. There's a lot of good basic information, but I will need more specifics as time goes on, if I cannot solve the issue I have.

One concern that I can see here is that there seems to be a lot of pressure to disclose a lot of information which some people are not comfortable with. I may have some problems with disclosing information but need to get enough across to get the job done.


You make a very good point. I agree that one size does not fit all, and I see a lot of post where the people who have been here for awhile want to put everyone into the same solution, with no flexibility. I have a hard time with that, because everyone is different. And I realize that they are following the teachings that are presented by the Marriage Builders ideals, they seems to go overboard at times that there is no other way. That may be ok with a lot of problems, but often solutions can be very different for different people.

I am very reluctant to be put into a cookie cutter solution, even though some people can do that.

But there are a lot of good bits of information here that can be very helpful, and just reading the basics on and off lately, there is a ton of good information.