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One concern that I can see here is that there seems to be a lot of pressure to disclose a lot of information which some people are not comfortable with.

That's because usually people want to cherry pick from the Marriage Builders plans, and the Marriage Builders plans don't work when you do that. So people try to conceal pieces of information from us because they have read enough to know what we will tell them if we know the full story. They want to hear that it's going to work even if they don't follow the full plan, so they conceal the details so they can get some friends to tell them it's going to work for a few months while their marriage goes down the tubes. That way they can avoid doing what needs to be done and feel good about it in the face of disaster.

If you are serious about saving your marriage, you can't get it all on this forum. You've got to listen to the Marriage Builders Radio show, every day. Install the app!

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If your wife is not on board with MB, some of my posts to other men might help you.