SugarCane, I need to go back and try to find the programs that I was on. I believe that I have both of them on my computer. I've also emailed Dr. Harley on a few occasions and one of those emails was discussed on the radio in great detail as well.

In general, based on what I recall, we talked through how I neglected my wife over our entire marriage. We talked about angry outbursts which were primarily in my wife's behavior. I discovered that the angry outbursts were really driven by my neglect. Granted, the angry outbursts are very destructive and shouldn't happen but they do happen because of the frustration that has built up over the years within my wife for me hiding things and not being totally honest and not involving her in my life, etc.

I'll need to re-listen to the radio programs in order to remember specifically what Dr. Harley offered.

I'm 59 yrs old; married to my wife for 30+ yrs. Started having marriage troubles 5 years ago. I have lived independently for all of these years. 5 yrs ago wife announced she did not love me anymore. Wife has had angry outbursts our whole married life. I now understand that this is a symptom of my independent behavior. No infidelity from either of us. Active members of our church. 4 children, 1 son, 3 daughters. All out of the house now. Adjusting to the empty nest