Philippians 1:21 (NKJV)
21 For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

The apostle tells us there should be a readiness to glorify Christ, whether in life or in death. �Those who have most reason to desire to depart should be willing to continue in the world as long as God has any work for them to do.� [Matthew Henry]

In 1967, a student named Libby attended with her boyfriend, Tom. During the final commitment evening, both submitted their lives to the Lord. For 30 years, Tom and Libby Little served in Afghanistan, providing vision care to the people of Kabul throughout seemingly endless wars and conflict.

In August 2010, shortly after conducting a two-week medical camp in a remote valley of northwestern Afghanistan, Tom and his medical team were ambushed and killed. Upon receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her husband, Libby said, "Although Tom was killed in 2010, he had already surrendered his life to God's good purposes way back in 1967." For four decades, Tom had submitted himself to his divine master. [Adapted from Alec Hill, "The Most Troubling Parable," Christianity Today (July/August 2014)]

When we give our life to Christ we are with Him, whether in this life or in eternal life. May we all serve Christ faithfully.