This forum takes great care to preserve anonymity. I have seen moderators delete identifying information and/or posts. You don't and shouldn't need to post information that identifies you and your wife.

Marriage Builders has a plan to follow to recover a marriage after an affair. As already described, the steps are very specific.

"Wishing" for your wife to realize her mistakes will not make it happen. Having a plan and executing the plan is the path to marriage recovery.

I see you use the words fear and afraid several times. You can not steer recovery if you let your fears determine your actions/inactions.

Can you answer Unwritten's question about which parts of the program you believe do not apply to your situation? Also, Mel's question, "Is your wife still in contact with OM?"

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BW - 70
WH - 65
M - 35 years
D-day - 17 Apr 08
H broke contact 11/1/09
Back in love after the worst thing that every happened to us.