*Even if she DIDN'T know and wasn't being careful about being tracked via phone (you said she and the OM are miles and miles apart), all she would have to do is use a burner phoner and/or another device (work phone or computer) to contact the OM. Any type of contact would be a continuation of the affair and her lovebank will be closed to you.

**Even the affair has cooled between her and this OM, because you didn't expose it, it is likely to flare back up at some point, because that's what waywards like to do - it's like a hit off a crackpipe or a small high to have contact. It doesn't matter if she only viewed him as a "boy toy".

***Even if the affair has cooled down, your WW could very easily start a new affair. Again, it is something we often see when an affair is not exposed.

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