I ask for the wonderful people here to please say a prayer for my mother.

My mother has been battling multiple myeloma for ten years. She has fortunately always responded well to chemotherapy, and there was always a new drug available when the cancer would become resistant.

The Monday after mother's day, she developed a high fever, and she was hospitalized with pneumonia, a common complication of myeloma. It turns out the myeloma has progressed rapidly in the last month. It has caused severe impact to her kidneys, which in turn has caused mental confusion and disorientation, and irregular heartbeat and fibrillation.

They will start her on dialysis today, followed by a new chemo regiment tomorrow. The head of hematology has told us that she has a small chance of recovery. All myeloma cases, at some point, become resistant to treatment. My mother may have reached that stage, we'll know in the next few weeks, at most.

My brother flew up from Florida last night to help my father and I. This has been difficult for my father, who has been devoted to caring for her for ten years.

Between WW's A and the D, and now my mother's poor prognosis, this has been a he77 of a year so far. frown

Your prayers are welcome and appreciated.

BH (me) 50, WxW 47
Married 1994
D-day, plan A, & exposure Jan 2017
Divorced Nov 2017