Unwritten, I'am fully aware of the situation, and well schooled in the Marriage Builders way. It was this education that stopped me dead in my tracks and not moving forward. I now see her only a few minutes a week if that and really love the job. It was just the experience that really woke me up of what Dr. Harley preaches. I can see how good conversation along with recreational time (which I never once had) can really be the one two punch. Like I said reading about it is one thing, but experiencing it is a totally different learning aspect.

Yes, my wife is aware of her coming on to me and laughs, it is kinda crazy. But I do take it very seriously. I just wanted to let the people suffering on these boards today know that if they were in the same situation as there wandering spouses, they too would be pulled toward the "jaws of infidelity". that is a fact. Also, everything I learned thru Dr. Harley is right on target. He truly is a wealth of information, and is spot on.