Hello, I have been married for almost 30 years. My wife had a major lie upheaval last year that shook her to her core. She was very depressed and went to therapy. . I had supported her in every way possible and she loved me for that. I made mistakes and didn't give her everything she needed even when she told me exactly what she needed.

She has said she wants a divorce. The day before she told me this, i used her Ipad and when i opened it there was a chat message up with a boy she knew in high school. I said nothing and moved on. I snooped the next day and found a lot of stuff. She is not having an affair but has admitted her feelings towards him. WE have talked a lot about what I saw and I have a lot of evidence. When I ask her about some of it she lies and continues to lie.

If i bring it up, it will all be about my snooping and not trusting her. If I don't bring it up, I don't know.

What should I do?

I drove her to this.