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My wife of almost 30 years is sending topless photos of herself to another man. I found this out by snooping on her phone. What do I do? If I bring it up she will claim I don’t trust her and I am spying on her, if I don’t bring it up then I don’t know how to act,

Hello wiscomike, Welcome to Marriage Builders. I would confront her, but first, you should a) find out more about what is going on and b) get some spyware on her phone so you can monitor the situation. SAVE THE EVIDENCE. It's obvious something is going on. What?

I would also find out everything you can about the OM. Go snoop on his facebook page, find out where he lives, what he does. Is he married? What does he do for a living..

And about the accusation that you don't trust her? That is true. If she says this to you, just simply agree. It is not a virtue to blindly trust your spouse. Apparently you are correct to not trust her given what you have found. She should't have been trusted in the first place. It is not a lack of trust that ruins marriages, but a lack of boundaries.

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