I have been in recovery from porn addiction for about a year and a half and have been working on trying to repair the damage I did to the marriage. However, one thing continues to cut through my Wife's heart.
She doesn't feel beautiful to me.

No words can be said or deeds done to repair the damage I have done in comparing every other woman in the world to her, and telling her essentially that she was the only thing I DIDN'T want.

I am just looking for prayers in helping her healing. Pray that she can live her dream of feeling like a real woman and being swept up in her husbands arms. Pray that she smiles more than frowns. Pray that she has nice dreams and no more nightmares. Anything you can think of, please pray for her. She needs it so much and I can think of no greater love in this world than God's.

Thank you for all of your prayers.