Hi Kim, thankyou for your kind words.
Why hasn't he filed? Well I think it's because he doesn't want to remarry and it is a good excuse for him. He asked me for a divorce after he moved out, I hadn't seen him since Nov. and the following FEb. I met him for a coffee, really felt the Lord with me, and told him all the promises God gave me about us. He said we should get a divorce, and I said "no way, you've made all the decisions up to now, leave that decision up to me. I don't want a divorce, and if God makes it clear to get one, I will certainly let you know." And basically that is where it has stood since. I've only actually seen him three times since he left. It had been 4 years from the last time, and God made it very clear for me to go and see him, he lives in another province. As I dropped in on him at work, for coffee, (should have seen his face!) I was blown away at the love that God has given me for this man who hurt me so deeply. I was overwhelmed. I felt that he was happy to see me, but he dare not admit that, because then he would have to admit that he had done wrong.
He is living with a woman that he was friends with since high school, they re-met while he was in his "leaving" stage. I believe the only reason he is still with her, is that she is a friend of the family, and his mom lives real close to them. Mom seems to be a big influence.
If he were to do the same thing to her he would have to admit to his family that it was his fault for messing around. He would lose face so to speak...
Although we really have no contact, the Lord puts him on my heart at times to pray for, and boy is that usually strong! I know I still feel him, whether or not he does me, I don't know, but we became one, and it is hard not to feel the other half, when something is going on in their lives.
I truly believe that the Lord is working on his heart as we speak. And I thank him so much for all He is doing and has done.
I'm glad to hear that you won't give up either, do hang in there, it will be so worth it in the end! Like you said, in heaven we will get our rewards, but i believe He will reward us here as well.
Have you got children? I do not, but I teach about 60 of them a year singing, all the Lords' doing! He has kept me so busy these past 7 years, that the time has just flown by! I am very grateful for that as well!
I pray that He will restore all of our marriages, and soon! God Bless you and feel free to write to me anytime if you need some encouragement, you can email me at; monikawithak@hotmail.com
Thanks again for your encouragement!
Love in Christ, Monika