At the risk of opening a huge "can of worms" - I copied this post from over on Emotional Needs. It was posted by Shaken, not Stirred.....

It's a little hard to follow, as he tries to maintain the anonymity of those he writes about with ________blanks. Please try to follow his thinking and post your heart-felt reactions. I will reserve mine till some of you can respond in order not to influence anyone.

</font><blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">For those of you who do not think on a spiritual plane, or who are not interested in Christian warfare against those negative forces or spirits that might be infiltrating our marriages, please ignore this post. It will likely be too much to digest.

For the rest of you, I received the following e-mail from a friend of mine whose discrning and wise husband is convinced my WS has what he terms the "spirit of Jezebel", which has infiltrated her life and which literally needs to be prayed out of her by me - her husband. I was awestruck when I read this because the characteristics that have overtaken my wife fit this to a tee.

And, no, I do not think my wife is evil. Nor do I think I have been an angel through the course of my marriage. It takes two to tango. However, I want no place for evil forces to destroy my marriage, nor anyone's on this board.

Here is her e-mail. Read on:

I spoke with ____ about the spiritual warfare issue. He feels that there is a specific form of oppression evident in this situation. For one thing, the unreasonableness of ____'s response to you leads him to believe that she is being driven by something other than her own desires or thoughts. What he believes he senses is that she is probably being affected by a spirit called

First of all, when I speak of a spirit, what I mean what many modern charismatic leaders refer to a principality of this world. It is an
archetypal spirit (an overarching spiritual influence associated with Satan and his kingdom) and it has a kind of unique identity. This one, the Jezebel spirit, has traits which we can readily associate with Jezebel, Ahab's wife.

The name Jezebel is indicative of the spirit's affect and attributes. Jezebel's name means "without cohabitation" and it is clear from 1 Kings that she did not allow for a true intimacy with her husband, but was controlling, rebellious, resisting submission to her husband Ahab. This spirit, similarly, manifests itself in people's lives in the form of control and rebellion. It works against the true, pure intimacy of sex in the marriage, and wars against Christian marriages in general. Some associate
her with a spirit of prostitution, again, something warring against the purity of sex in marriage and works to undermine the appropriate attitude of humilty. Note, for instance, that Jezebel ruled over the priests of Baal and
Ashteroth. These, as you know, were deities of ancient fertility religions which practiced human sacrifice and temple prostitution as acts of worship.

Of course, keep in mind that the degree to which one is affected by this spirit determines how far one goes towards acting like that spirit. Her
function as the spirit of prostitution means that she motivates people towards a more licentious path than they would normally take, not that
everyone affected by this spirit actually prostitutes themselves.

The spirit is also associated with the more negative sides of modern feminism (again, a form rebellion, a resistance to what is a healthy
submission to a husband and even an unwillingness to 'co-habit' or be yoked with men). She is a proud spirit and so if _____ is being affected by
Jezebel, it makes sense that she would not believe she needs healing.

____ says that people affected by this spirit are usually the last to think they need to change.

He also wondered about the timing of _____'s change with your dad's death. If this spirit has been working in her, then the timing is curious. ___ feels that it would be just like Jezebel to want to attack someone who is part of a family whose head has been a spokesperson for God.

Though your dad was not prophetic per se, (i.e., he didn't claim to receive direct words of
revelation, though certainly he heard from God), he was a speaker of God's word, and so it makes sense that Jezebel would attack his family. Notice how she wars against Elijah and how that conflict brought him to a point of great despair (until God came to him in the Still Small Whisper).

As well, this archetypal spirit tends to like to take advantage of gaps in true spirtual authority. For example, in the Biblical story, Jezebel takes advantage of Ahab's failure to exercize true spiritual authority to try to
usurp authority over Israel. Thus the spirit may be taking advantage of your father's absence:

Perhaps there was a kind of protection in your lives due to his prayers, faith and presence (and thus there is now a gap). Possibly, ____'s change after _____'s death is due not only to the emotional trauma of that loss, but also due to a spiritual dynamic in which the enemy is taking
advantage of that loss.

As well, since you are now the eldest male in the
family, Jezebel may have set her sights set on you for attack. However, dismal this may sound, Christians should not fear Jezebel, because we have authority in Jesus's name over this spirit as we walk in Christ. In particular, we have authority to war against her in the areas of our
God-given domain (ie., family, spouse, children).

____ suggests that you pray against the influences of Jezebel over ____'s mind, praying that any control of the Jezebel spirit over her mind will be broken. If you feel comfortable enough to do so, you can, as her husband,
take authority over this spirit in her life and command it to leave your family and your wife alone (obviously you're able to war this way only under the protection of Christ).

You don't need to be with _____ when you pray
this, but it might not hurt to pray this when at your temporary home and when in your family's home when ____'s out.

When ____ met ____ in 2001, he sensed that at some level, she believed she knew what was what in her own life, but below that he saw confusion, and believes it may have been lurking there for quite some time. The enemy likes to take advantage of confusion. The way ____ tends to think of this is that if you don't have a sound, Biblical thought on a matter, one of these
spirits will be glad to provide you with a thought of its own choosing.

That _____ wants freedom, but seems to think that living like a teenager will bring fulfilment and freedom, shows a definite confusion. You might,
therefore, also pray against confusion, binding it in Jesus' name and commanding it leave _____'s mind.

Well, that's an awful lot to throw at you. Please feel free to either email with any questions or better yet call us, or (as ___ says, to complete
disregard anything that doesn't sit right with your spirit). </font><hr /></blockquote><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">