1. Am I worthy?
2. Am I pretty enough?
3. Am I accepting enough?
4. Am I too old?
5. Afraid I'll live the rest of my life alone.
6. Where in the world will I meet anyone?
All these things surface in my mind every day. I know I am a very nice person; giving, caring, affectionate, good work ethic, good mom, etc. I take care of myself, am petite, told I DO NOT look almost 50.....Sooooooo.....why do I worry?????? <img border="0" title="" alt="[Roll Eyes]" src="images/icons/rolleyes.gif" /> I guess because I live in sucha a small town with little opportunity to meet anyone, much less have anyone to validate what I think are the good qualities I have. I'm lonely. I, too, liked being married. I need someone 'around.'......go figure! This is NOT where I thought I would be at 50!!!!!