My father cheating on my mother many years ago. Things were really bad between them and there was a lot of violence on my father's part. He went to prison on another matter but my mother and the family stood by him.

My father has a very bad temper but has worked with it for the past 7 years. About 2 years ago he had an outburst which my mother manage to take care of herself but my father tore up the bedroom during his "temper tantrum". Along with him having a gambling problem and showing signs of Parkinson Disease he has not been able to find a job or bring any money to the home. My mother and siblings have been supporting him. This story could get too long.

My mother and 2 siblings went to Mexico for 1 one week vacation. My father and 1 sibling did not go. My father got angry about something that happened in Mexico with my mother and all ****** broke loose. He started calling my mother at my grammas' where she is staying harrasing my mother. He made some of the following comments:

-I am going to beat you up
-I am going to kill your family
-I will be flying to Mexico by Wednesday and beat you up

All this happened this Saturday (7/31/05). I am married and live out of town. I have not been able to get in contact with my father and I just don't know what to do to diffuse the problem.

Please excuse my typing. I am so desperate and don't know how to diffuse the problem.

PLEASE PRAY THAT MY FATHER CALMS DOWN AND JUST DOESN'T DO ANYTHING DRASTIC. He got upset because my mother danced at her parents 50 year anniversary with her uncle. Personnally I feel that he is taking this out of proportion.

Please Please pray that this does not escalate.