Time, easy to understand yet hard to grasp once it passes by.
Chasing what was can be a chase that lasts until you die.

A lifetime can be gone in a second, with no second chance to be had.
A second can change your life with a decision either good or bad.

When it’s time to take that step some do so with no delay at all.
But look at that step as a step, will I land safely or will I fall?

One moment standing firmly, assured and comforted in my place.
Life happens, change destines, and I must hurry along to enter the race.

Quickly, up with vigor and spunk, vision cleared from a different view.
What was isn’t, so what will be is based solely on what I choose to do.

As I reach the top, not there, not here but somewhere in between.
I want where I’m going yet there’s uneasy comfort in what’s already seen.

Not ascending or descending, last chance. Will I be in or will I be out?
I got here with hope but now faith must carry me through with no doubt.

Unknown rests before me but I can’t rest until it finally becomes known.
For without a purpose the step is wasted if the step was simply to roam.

I reach and learn where I’m going, taking warning from wrong steps of old.
Solidly landing safely I await, awaiting the next step with confidence untold.

Yet next time I rise up, this journey I’ll have to start all over again.
Was it wasted? No. For the next step, steps off from where I have been.

No more are my fearful rocky steps taken hastily chasing yesterday.
For one second I chose to leave the rocks and let that time fly away.

So back to time standing in a second for a second chance, what to do?
Choose wisely, I did, that step led me here standing next to you.

Hugz, Thoughtz, & Prayerz