I've been alone now for 1 1/2 yrs. My X resembled one that I read about earlier in a thread where Dr. Harley was talking to a lady whose H wasn't willing to make win-win situations. Life has been tormenting for me for the past several years. I've gone out and done some things since I've been alone that I never imagined I'd do. But God used it all for my good because now He's increased my faith - just like I asked. He may not keep me from the fire, but He WILL keep me through it. He didn't do it through the church - He can use anything if you truly belong to Him. He'll never let you go!!!!

Once upon a time, a tiny acorn fell
And then in time the seed sprang from within its tiny shell
With gentle rain and fertile soil a tree began to grow
But with shadows from the larger trees its growth was very slow
And even though the tree did grow, its trunk was very slim
For the shadows fell upon it and made the sunshine dimm
As days then months and years passed by, the shadows fell away
The little tree grew stronger in the brightness of the day
And as it grew the eye could see the tree begin to change
New branches and new blossoms - it would never be the same
But then as fall crept in on it, its leaves began to die
They fell upon a beaten path as each new day passed by
When winter came, its sap fell down - but only for one reason
To live again the tree must die, but only for a season
When spring appeared, upon the tree new buds began to grow
And from those buds new acorns came - the seed that tree did sow

And so the story ended, or did it just begin
As brothers grow together to bring God's Word to men
And just as tiny acorns fall and trees come forth instead
God's seed that's spread among mankind brings living from the dead

Rebekah Farris