Don't know if this will help anybody but it's helped me pull through a lot of times when I didn't think I could make it. Times of a spouse cheating on me and then not deciding to end it and a whole lot of other things. If it helps even one person it was worth posting. If not - tried.

Dear Lord it feels as time goes by that sometimes you desert us
When simple goals seem hard to reach or things that happen hurt us

Sometimes our fears of the unknown seem to control our lives
Our faith grows weak as fears grow strong and to the Lord we cry,

Dear Father what did I do wrong, what is this punishment for
I don't understand, it doesn't seem I can take this anymore

These thoughts are satan's seed and if we let them grow
We'll weaken more as days go by, but still God loves us so

So we in turn must show our love by holding to his faith
And trusting Him to pull us through whatever comes our way.