I am new to this site and could really use some help. I've taled to close family and friends but they aren't sure. But recently i've found out that my husband is addicted to porn and it has taken him 3 months to admit it to me. 3 months ago our daughter was born and 4 days after we came home from the hospital i caught him masterbating on the computer. since then i've caught him numerus times doing things he shouldn't. He has hidden phone numbers from me and then admitted it he even made a profile on a singles chat line to see if they would send him nude pictures. he can't go online anymore without me and my rust for him is GONE! he went to a Sexual addiction meeting yesterday and came home scared, because these men start of like him just looking at porn but then it turns ugly. some of them have raped their step-daughters at the same time. Others have raped their children and he was afraid to turn into one of them but now he doesn't want to go to the meetings anymore because he's afraid one of them will rape him or something. i truely feel like this will help him. I don't know how to trust him anymore. any advice would help. please send advice to my e-mail, i'm not sure how to use this site yet. thanks. mrsrnichol@yahoo.com