Hi, I have been married 7 years now. Throughout our marriage my husband has lied to me. From what I would classify as small lies to larger lies. I am not sure if he doesn't understand that each and everytime he chooses to lie to me it tears apart the trust in our marriage or he just doesn't care or he just can't help himself.
I am 99% certain he has not had a physical affair, however he has on at least 3 occasions, one recent, been involved with cyber fantasties with other women. I don't even know if I have caught him at it each time. Each time I catch him he downplays it, "its only roleplay, I would never ever meet them real time, etc etc". Always, he will lie to me at first until he knows I have him red handed. It always the same though, he pulls away from me , he is angrier, he is up at 2 am on the computer, the signs are always there. Not this last time, but the time before I asked him to get help, I feel that what he is doing is an addiction of sorts, he said he would get help but never did. This latest time hurt me worse than ever, he was even during it over our anniversary. He has swore to me he would get counseling, I hope he means it.
His time is accounted for, his calls are all accounted for, etc. Why would an otherwise good husband trade his marriage for something online that is not real or tangible??