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My husband and i have been together for 21 years, we are both very active in our church, He even moreso than I am. We have both recently started our own businesses, and my husband travels alot. 10 years ago my husband cheated on me. I chose to forgive him and I also told him I could not go through this again and that I would have to ask for a divorce if he decided to hurt me again. Well in October of 2007 I discovered an email account that he had set up, I figuered out the password and discovered while he was out of town he had spent two nights with another woman.

Am I a fool to stay?


DISPAIR, I hope you're still lurking/reading. I'm sorry I thread-jacked your first thread and hope you post again. If you've re-registered with another screen name for any reason, please email me to let me know. Again, I apologize.


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