Good morning.

It’s been 18 month since I updated.

First I like to thank everybody on this forum for helping me during my darkest
Moment. You guys where incredible.

Now my updates.

As you know I was served divorce papers November 2006, this is when I decided
That plan A was up, plan B was not on my agenda, plan D was in full throttle.

So we sold the house, she got most of the money, because this is California, and
I own my own business.

Any way to make a story short, I bought another house, I have the kids with me every week from Thursday evening to Monday morning, during summer,
And every other weekend from Friday morning to Sunday evening, every Saturday and every Wednesday on school time.

Emotionally I’ doing great I was out of my depression state well a week after I decided
Financially I am so far down in the hole, but I don’t care.
I am going back to court to change that.

But no more anxiety no more sadness. I don’t give a rats behind about what the ex is doing, unless it involves the kids.

I am extremely happy, and NO, no girlfriend, may be that’s why I’m happy.
EX is miserable I hear, ut who cares.

Kids love it when they’re with me, actually they don’t want to go to their mother.

They are growing their own garden, building stuff with me we build a RC boat from scratch. All kind of fun things.

I enjoy my time with the kids, and I value my time alone. I’m always doing something.

Any way thank you everybody especially me out.

and a special thank you to LA.
how are you doing.
And how is the baby I guess she is not a baby anymore.
i thank GOD every day for crossing your path, when i needed to.

thank you again.

BH 44
WW 40
2KIDS DD 6, DS 7