I was just wondering which anniversaries does everyone really go out of their way for????

We just had our 5th but of course we didn't do anything special. We went out to Dennys with our 4 year old.

I got flowers and balloons but I didn't feel that was special in anyway. Although we are having major issues and I am pregnant currently. Maybe I shouldn't expect anything since I'm pregnant.

Is there a code that I should go by? A standard? ha.

Maybe I shouldn't compare huh?

Married -6yrs/together 8
Baby Boy to be born next month!

I know we're just like old friends
We just can't pretend
That lovers make amends
We are reasons so unreal
We can't help but feel that
something has been lost

Don't give up your independence
Unless it feels so right
Nothing good comes easily
Sometimes you gotta fight