my 4 year anniversary with my WH is in 2 days. yesterday we had a great day together, we were very affectionate and really truly enjoyed each other's company. (very excited about that) next week we're taking a 4 day vacation to the smoky mountains. that's sort of our anniversary present to each other, but since it's not on the day of our anniversary i wanted to find a little something special to do for my husband. i'd like to keep it under 10 or 20 dollars, as with the upcoming vacation money is an issue. i'd also like to make it thoughtful and from the heart. i was thinking of writing him a letter expressing how wonderful he's made me feel lately, but perhaps i should focus on our total relationship, or maybe just past romantic times? i'm not sure. i also thought of buying 4 roses for 4 years, but how original is that. hmm, i do have dipping chocolate, perhaps i could make him chocolate covered strawberries or something.