I'm asking for prayer for my BF. He is struggling with parent wounds that he can feel when I send him copies of posts that touch on what he is dealing (or not dealing) with. The last one I sent made him cry and he admitted that it must have hit the nail on the head because of it. He wants to get better but strugles against it just as hard as he wants it.

I know through reading that this is actually quite normal, but it is putting a strain on the relationship. He needs help and only God knows how to reach him.

I would just back out of the relationship, but I've loved him for almost three years now, and my love for him hasn't died through all of the things that we've gone through together. Not even when I prayed for it to come to pass while we were seperated. He only recently admitted to his problem so I don't know how long it will take, or what it will take to bring him to the point that he goes ahead and goes back to the counselor we started going to in Dec. 06. She helped me through the exact same thing that he is struggling with, but I was already hurting badly enough inside that I didn't fight against it.

Please pray for him for healing, and peace for me.

Thank You so much-