Before marriage my WS went out of his way to be romantic and woo me. Ever since we got married he doesn't do very much except maybe cook dinner on Valentine's Day and our anniversary which I appreciate but still end up a little disappointed. I usually don't do very much either. With our 5th anniversary a month away I decided I was going to do everything I could to make it as special as I could for him by focusing on his 5 most important ENs. They are:

Recreational Companionship - I asked him a long time ago if there was something he wanted to do that he has never done before and his answer was skydiving. I found a place 2 hours away where we can do it so I think I will set it up and surprise him with it. I also found a spa that does couples massage by candlelight. I've never had a massage but he adores them so I thought it would be nice to have one together like that. Of course we would go out and have a nice dinner as well. And I'm trying to find a hotel that has a honeymoon or jacuzzi suite.

Sexual Fulfillment - Ok, this one's pretty obvious. wink I did think it might be fun to have a small treasure hunt in the hotel room though. Maybe start out innocent with him finding a rose or a teddy bear and progressing to him finding something like one of those sexy board games or a new "toy" to make the night a little more fun.

An Attractive Spouse - Don't know about this one, except maybe some new lingerie? We won't see each other the month leading up to our anniversary either so maybe I could work on losing a little weight...

Affection - Nothing specific, think that will happen on its own.

Admiration - Kind of at a loss here...Any ideas?

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions!

Married 5 yrs
WH-28, Me-28, DDa-5, DDb-5
Numerous short-term EA's over past 2 yrs.
1st Dday-10/06, Last Dday-10/08
Seperated 4 months.
2/09- Recommitted to M and being the best W I can be.