My wife and I for the first time ever will be going on our very first get away from the children over night for 2 days in a resort that is very luxurious with what is called "tent suites". We have never done this sorta thing before so we are both VERY excited! King size bed .. jacuzzi tub next to the bed, balcony deck overlooking the ocean, gas fire place, and heated tiled floors.

Several months ago ... during our hardships (which was really not as bad as i had thought all along) we thought about canceling this due to our states of mind ... but thanks to the concepts here (that both my wife and I are on the same page with now finally) .. and a few brief MC sessions to point us in the right direction .. we are still going!

I just wanted to share with you all how happy I am and thankful I am for this resource and the people here who gave me advice and encouragement. And that if it wasnt for this place. . our trip would probably been canceled because we would not have been able to tolerate each other in our previous mind sets. We are slowly falling back into love again and more so than we ever have. I will miss my kids ... but this break is much needed.

Did i mention that I am MADLY in love with my wife!?? I think she may even feel the same way now!

May 20th cant come fast enough!