My Secret thoughts on Lust and Passion (copied from my secret web page)

A choice is placed before each of us. One which intimately shapes our destinies.

How will we choose to be and to become?

A thousand options every day present themselves before us. Each choice we make is like a sculptor revealing his innermost self to the world thru his work. We wield our choices and from this we receive our rewards.

To desire, to aspire, to yearn and dream are part of our divine natures. Life gives us time and we give time our choices and our rewards either give us peace happiness and joy or misery, despair and demoralization. We do not live in a vacuum. We each influence each other.

I consider with you then this question in the interest of reaching up for joy and walking away from despair and I ask you to consider it with me.

What is the difference then between Lust and Passion?

I offer this, that the nature of a thing determines it's rewards.

The True Nature of Lust is emptiness ...

Addicted to Love - Robert Palmer

that is full of selfish demands and can never be filled.

Lust will take you farther than you want to go,
Lust will keep you longer than you want to stay,
and Lust will cost you more than you can afford to pay.

There are no true friends in lust for lust consumes that which would befriend us. If you have true friends make no mistake. Lust did not bring them to you it was a common true passion. Lust would have you believe you are never enough and that it has all power over you and you must be in it's bondage forever. Lust is fatalistic, a voice of nothing but gloom and doom. It will tell you it knows best for you and that Lust itself is what's best for you because it is self serving. It is a liar and deceiver. If you have danced with lust you know it leaves you always wanting more and emptier after than before. Your fear and anxiety are it's weapon against you. Take these away and you see will it has nothing on you but what you give it.

The rewards of lust are hopelessness, despair, isolation, and a gnawing unquenchable thirst, hunger and drive for more better and different. Eventually it requires the sacrafice of all you value and hold dear and meaningful. Subtle or not, patient or impatient your very soul upon it's alter will still not satisfy it's bottomless hunger. Even black holes in space spew forth but lust never gives anything back. You will always feel alone lonely and moreso after each lustful choice than you were before. That is it's true nature.

The True Nature of Passion is Abundance...

Listen to your Heart - Roxette

is fullness and a balanced equality of appropriate self interest and appropriate selfless interest.

Passion will take you everywhere where you want to go, It seeks win - win in all it does.
Passion will keep you with those you wish to be with for as long as you wish and no longer, then it will release you to move on. It's timing is always perfect, attracting exactly what you desire in your life at precisely the instant you can enjoy it most. Living with passion will generate more true friendships than you can number. Others who can and do share their passion with you. You will never feel alone or lonely when you are filled with passion.

Passion will pay you more than you can possibly imagine in the present moment and in more ways than you can believe. The rewards of living with passion are vast and innumerable. It requires only the sacrifice of your lust. It gives everything back and keeps nothing for itself for it needs nothing it does not already have.

If you would be and be truly alive, I invite you to be truly passionate and accountable about your choices. Not one of them is trivial. First and foremost come to share the passion I have for the power of choice itself. With choice we are the co-creators of worlds and the makers of masterpieces in our lives and the lives of others. We can positively impact every person we ever met to some degree.

I like to mediate on the meaning of this passage:

"Bridle all your passions that you may be filled with love"

A bridle is not an instrument of destruction, it is an implement with which to direct, to lead and to manage the power of a beast we ride.

If you have known the despair of lust, If you have known the blessing of passion. Neither is a measure of your divine self worth which is infinite. Your past is nothing compared to your future and you have a choice now, this moment and the next. Your choices matter.

This is a quest, a quest because it is not a destination but a journey. It's meant to get better and it does. Always better as we learn from our past and make better choices in the present. Hope grows ever brighter.

For those willing even passionate to enter the journey entertain the question: What if?

What if we changed the world one person at a time starting with ourselves? What would the world be like if we did? Who would be healed? How many would be cured? How many marriages saved? How many living and yet unborn generations would know peace, happiness and joy is their birthright? What makes dreams possible or impossible anyway?

The Impossible Dream Sung by-

The Impossible Dream - Brian Stokes Mitchell

Think of this as you watch these videos....

Perhaps, just perhaps, the stars may not be so unreachable after all? What If? We are only as alone as we choose to be. [size:14pt][/size]

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