Care to tell us something about yourself?

I see you posting advice that ranges from learning to rely totally on God to getting hammered to avoid the pain and just wonder where you are coming from. Some of that advice seems to be born of experience and some of it struck me as showing a complete lack or at best misunderstanding of Marriage Builders basics.

MB and science are not at odds and neither are Marriage Builders principals and the Bible. They are however a bit deeper than first glance might indicate and are not born out of a man's personal experience in dealing with his own pain while learning to cope with it but rather are based on years of research and adjustments to a program that can be tested statistically and logically for effectiveness.

So what books of Dr Harley's have you read? Have you read the Basic Concepts and have a good understanding of them? Do you take exception with some part of Dr Harley's Love Bank model and if so, what part do you not agree with?

And the hardest question of all for some to answer...

What brings you to Marriage Builders? We're glad you are here, but wonder a bit about your own story.

And just so you know, I am not trying to call you out so much as get a handle on where you are coming from so as not to hijack all the threads you seem to be advising on. I like to see disagreements or debates kept out of the way of other folks' personal threads since some of them are dealing with the most traumatic thing to ever happen to them. It's sort of like being in someone's house as a visitor and I'd rather any heated debates and discussions of theory or theology be kept out of the middle of their pain.

I'm also not saying you can't say what you are saying, so this isn't an attempt at censure. I would however like to have a bit of a read on where you are getting the advice you are giving which does not always seem to be in agreement with MB, and that can be a recipe for some pretty intense "discussions" around here.

In fewer words (which most will tell you I am not very good at)...

What's your story?