Its been almost 4 months since I confronted my W about her 2 affairs.<P>She just came back from a trip to see her parents, and on that trip -- she met a man who's she's been chatting with.<P>She calls him just a friend.<P>We've been in counseling (about 1/week) since early July -- now she says she needs to work more on herself, and slow things down.<P>I think she's right -- she does need to work on herself -- but I'm VERY uncomfortable stopping counseling.<P>If we're going to be in the same house together -- there are things I just can't tolerate (like contact with OM via messaging while our kids are there). She's done other "unsafe" things over the net as well.<P>I feel I want her to move out. I've taken too much of her hurtful behavior.<P>I DO NOT want to pass this on to my children. My W's parents had affairs/etc. and have stayed together 50 years (affairs through much of the marriage).<P>I want to break this "destiny" for my children -- do I stand firm now, and push for Plan B? Or stay with PLan A -- giving as much as I can -- and take a stand for the commitment and vows we made to eachother?<P>This is hard.<P>Peter<BR>