I used this company to confirm my biological father.

Prices are similar for most DNA tests.

When you test:
You can get a test that will prove paternity that may not be accepted in a court of law. That test can be performed at home and is usually to satisfy the possible parent of their parentage. That test will NOT STAND UP in a court of law. Keep reading for the test that will.

The lab will typically test you by requiring a saliva swab from your cheek and the cheek of the child in question. This test will prove a proof of paternity within percentage points.

The testing lab will never give a 100% proof of paternity. They will say that the alleged father (or mother) CAN or CANNOT be excluded as the biological parent. They will report a "Probability of Paternity/Maternity" with a percentage score.

For example, my real father's parentage was confirmed with a "Probability of Paternity" at 99.83%. He COULD NOT be excluded as the biological parent. People who come in with a percentage score of 95% and above will typically not be able to be excluded as the biological parent (and would be considered the parent by the court.)

If you wish to present the findings of your test to a court of law the test will have to be performed at a testing center. They are all over the United States. The cheek swab will be conducted in the presence of a Notary Public, who will take the swab and will notarize that the test's chain of ownership is intact.

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