I found this by mistake today but it might help someone.
All android phones require a gmail account so if you have that account and password you can log into the gmail account on a desktop and see the web search history.

Click on the account name like you are going to logout but hit settings. Under web there is a histroy option. I noticed that when I tried my account you had to turn it on but I don't remember turning on anythin on my WH's account and I was able to see everything he googled.....it was not all the sites but what he actully googled.....like "cheep hotel"or " houses for rent"

It might provide some starting points for you to start looking.

Me -BS 40
Him - FWH 34 (dtl)
3 D-Days from 12/25/10 to 01/06/11
NC - 01/09/11
02/20/12 done beating my head on that wall.