I know, I'm kind of new to posting here, and this is the only way I can work off some nervous energy tonight...just can't tell my full story yet.

In the last couple of years, the WW opened a separate bank account to hide money that she could use with her EA2 and their upcoming HS Reunion. In doing so, she hid the main bank statements from me, and since I was on business travel 5 days a week for 2 years, I just assumed she was dealing with these, checking balances etc.

After I finally got transferred back home, I got one of our 'normal' statements. Odd, a payment to a CC that was on a computer generated check image, and in a different name. I asked WW about it, and she claimed no knowledge, and pointed out it wasn't a CC in her name. I started calling banks. Our bank (losers!) said they would credit us back 3 months worth of these erroneous payments, but since she had received statements, we were responsible for the rest. They did let me know that the computer generated checks were created in a bank branch. I looked up the CC information...found a name I matched with the local white pages, AND found the account type. It took a few minutes of explaining to the CC bank, but they realized this was a fraud in process, and refunded me the difference that my bank wouldn't.

Bottom line, not only was she hiding money from me, by not checking out the statements herself, she missed an ID theft in progress. If that had been a larger account, this could have been VERY costly.

Me-BH 40
WW 49
DD 14
DD 11
DS 7

Together 22 Years, only relationship I've had.
M 16 Years, my 1st, her 2nd.

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EA 9/2009 - 8/2012
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