This feeling of emptiness looms over me, dictating my every decision.
I know that I�ll see things clearly again, but right now all I have is suspicion�
The love that I feel for you outweighs our troubles,
But I�m faced with the question, �Can we overcome this struggle?�
Our Marriage began with such hope and such love
I truly believed a blessing from above.
I knew that no one could come between a love as STRONG as ours.
Never suspecting there could be such a power�.
To sweep you away when I loved you so much!
To stop you from being the same man that I touch,
with love and tenderness, as I thanked God for you.
Finding out too late, just how much you withdrew!
The damage this caused may never quite heal.
But I have decided I�m ready to deal,
with the thoughts that I have ~ if it will just bring us closer.
Doing all that I can just to re-gain my composure.
This Love that we share is real, we CAN make this work,
if only we both agree to fan at the SPARK.
To create once again the flames that died down!
To ensure to my heart you�ll always be around.