I am an electronics addict. I love those little games you can download and play for hours and hours. When feeling isolated, I turn to them for entertainment. But, I had a lot to get done this weekend. And, DH is right, that I'll put off things way too long.

So. Yesterday, I left the thing off and charging in another room. Without the gadget giving my hands something to do, I was able to finish 6 loads of laundry, sweeping, cooking dinner (and enjoying - a lot, one of my favorites that's rare because of cost). Then, dishes after dinner. Helping with getting trash out. Keeping dogs mostly happy.

With the cell phone handy, I might have got half of that done. Maybe.

I also caught myself reaching for it at least half a dozen times. Usually in the early afternoon or evening, when DH turned his back to me to work on his hobby, or research the internet. But, each time, I resisted the urge to go get it and turn it on.

It's not every day I feel comfortable leaving it plugged up. DH likes me to have it handy if I'm out of the house. In case he needs to reach me (so rare, when he calls I wonder what's wrong). Being at home all day yesterday let me try it out. I'm thinking that it'll be a good thing for me to 'wean' myself off of the daily dependence. Maybe I can get hubby engaged in conversation if he sees I don't even have the machine handy. Maybe. It's always worth trying!

Not sure of anything anymore.