Thank you Tempest.<P>Shocked doesn't being to describe how I felt.<BR>I have had nothing but good coming from this site - evenif the opinions don't necessarily agree with mine. I've always felt that everyone who posted here had everyone else's best interests at heart.<P>I do wonder about the ulterior motives of 'consider this'.<P>However, I have moved onwards and upwards, have made and implemented the decision to go to Plan B - about which I now feel 100% comfortable.<P>I guess there will always be people in this world who are out there for their own selfish reasons, and who don't take other people into consideration. I feel 'consider this' is one of those types.<P>I think we all see this person for what they are - and while their motive 'could' be genuine (which I doubt) their words and philosophies are not really needed by us here at this point in our lives.<P>I think we all welcome differing opinions and thoughts, but the last thing we need is destructive opinions and thoughts.<P>Thanks for your support<P>Jo