Lonely<P>love found<BR>love lost<BR>heart so opened<BR>now closed so tight<BR>how could I have room<BR>with so much trash scattered within<BR>so many scars that need to be healed<BR>to block the way<BR>only one willing to push them aside<BR>to accept me for the person I am<BR>not the beast I have become<P>can you heal my wounds?<BR>can you kiss my scars?<BR>can you make it your home<BR>or just add to the wreckage?<P>let you in<BR>keep you out<BR>I play with the petals of a daisy<BR>she loves me<BR>she loves me not<BR>lonely because I kick everyone out<P>DJM<BR>=============<BR>I cried when he wrote me this.