this is the last today, I promise [Linked Image from]<P>Behind Anger<P>Tonight I am alone and the sadness is breaking me<BR>the way thin lines run through porcelain.<BR>We could have this fight forever, you and I.<BR>We have it over and over, using different props or words<BR>but it's the same one and I want to say:<BR>come here now, just come here now,<BR>I need to feel the smooth skin of your face.<BR>but if you were here<BR>I would withhold my arm from you:<BR>anger is like that.<BR>It brings its own momentum and has its own will,<BR>and behind anger we are too unprotected<BR>like houses that stand abandoned, shutters banging,<BR>and fear mutters on the raw wind that blows through.<P>by Joy Manesiotis<BR>